Government General Degree College at Pedong


Some of the functions expected of the IQAC are:

  • Establishing and implementing quality benchmarks of institutional values;
  • Establishing parameters for the institution's academic and administrative activities;
  • Gathering and analyzing input from all parties involved in institutional procedures pertaining to quality;
  • Sharing information on different quality metrics involving all stakeholders:
     promoting quality circles and organizing seminars and workshops on quality-related topics within and between institutions;
  • Maintaining records of all quality improvement programs and initiatives; The institution serves as the central hub for organizing quality initiatives, which includes the identification, evaluation, and sharing of successful practices.
  • Building and updating the institution's database using MIS to maintain and improve the institution's quality;
  • Regularly conduct and follow up on academic and administrative audits.
  • Prepare and submit the IIQA (Institutional Information for Quality Assessment) and SSR (self-study report) in accordance with NAAC standards and recommendations.
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