Government General Degree College at Pedong

Annual College Functions

Annual College Functions

        Cultural activities played an important role in boosting students’ self-confidence, increase capabilities and develop social skills. Team work, collaboration with team mates enhances students’ sense of engagement and attachment to their institution. Cultural activities always help students to explore their potential and excel themselves in different fields. Our college has been also providing opportunities to the students to showcase their talents in cultural activities like Fresher’s Welcome, Farewell of outgoing students, Foundation day program, Teachers ‘day celebration, Bhasa Manyata Diwas and other such programs. Students also very often participate in various events and exhibit their hidden talent in dancing, singing, debate, drama, poemrecitation, poster competition with great enthusiasm.

         College has a Cultural Committee which also take a lot of efforts to organise events and guide the students. The committee also create a platform that provide the students a lot of opportunities to show their talents by organising events like poster competition, poem recitation, Mr. and Miss Fresher’s competition during Freshers’ welcome,  elocution etc. Our aim is to encourage students to participate in different cultural events/activities and to develop their overall personality.

      Our vision is to organize more successful events in future involving students, by nurturing  their  talents and skill, so that they can participate in different cultural events and competitions at college, intercollegiate, university and national level. Experience of organising various events leads to all round development of our students as it brings out their leadership quality and team spirit.Cultural Committee of the college will continue to remain guide the students to showcase their talents and encourage them to participate in different cultural activities and competitions.



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