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Notice No : 17/2020                                                                 Date: 8th September, 2020



This notice is hereby to all the 1 1 1 Annual System 3rd Year students,  of  the  concerned  Govt.General Degree College At Pedong, that there will be online/offline open book Examination, from 1st Oct.2020 to 6th   Oct 2020, under the notification of the University of North Bengal. The Students have the option to choose the mode of examination Online or the Offline.


*Kindly go thorough information and guidelines of the University and choose the mode of examination.


  1. Students can choose the mode of examination Online or the Offline.
  2. Students must download the question paper from the university’s website
  3. The students opting  to choose the online mode of examination  must first download the first page of   the of the answer script from and upload the written answer script on A4 size paper along with the first page filled with Roll.No...Registration No. Subject Paper etc. within 5:00pm on the college on the same day of the examination in pdf format.
  4. Students opting for the online mode of examination must retain the hard copy of their answers script and must submit to the college office with two days of the conclusion of the whole examination.
  5. Students opting for the offline mode of examination must collect the blank answer script from the college office from 21st Sept. to 26th Sept. on the production of Admit Card and the original University Registration Certificate. The offline students must submit the written answers script to the college  office within 5:00pm on the same day of the examination.
  6. Students opting for the offline mode of examination can also download the first page of the blank anscript and use A4 size paper if they are unable to collect blank answer script from the college office.
  7. Any Students/Parents/Guardians who so ever comes in contact with the college and its surrounding area must be fully sanitised and use the face mask and maintain Social distancing.


*The TIME for the aforesaid examination shall be intimated to all the students within few days please stay connected with your respective teachers. Incase of any issues kindly contact the given mobile No. 9679279924 / 9932621398

Stay Safe..Stay Healthy and keep social distancing



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Tuesday, 8th September 2020
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